Why choose Boss Development, Inc.?
Why not! Leased premises are well-maintained, fully-insured and meet code standards on all local fire and safety ordinances. A full-time maintenance crew is available for certain repairs in addition to services including seasonal lawn care and snow removal! In addition, BDI has an online work order system for your ease of submitting requests for any types of repairs. Quality AND convenience!

I have secured funding to cover my housing needs, how can I apply this funding towards my BDI rent?
Please provide the Property Manager with appropriate documentation confirming the funds and when they will be made available to you. The Property Manager can then inform you of the process and your available options.

What does BDI offer that independent landlords do not?
BDI offers you a full-time maintenance staff, available for certain repairs and services in addition to seasonal lawn care and snow removal. You also have the convenient location of the Property Manager at the Mona Ruth Imbrescia Welcome Center. BDI is not an absentee landlord – our Property Manager is available to assist you with your needs. In addition, BDI continues to remain in good standing with all utility companies and current on all taxes.

What kind of safety standards does BDI adhere to?
BDI meets all fire and safety guidelines for the City of Monessen. In each leased premises there are commercial grade fire extinguishers on each floor and smoke detectors in all required areas.

What does an inspection entail and why does BDI perform them?
During inspection, we will observe the inside and outside of the leased premises, as well as your room for any damages or safety concerns. BDI inspectors do not inspect personal belongings, open any drawers, or enter any closets. We have your best personal interest in mind at all times. These inspections are done to deter any potential safety hazards and to ensure compliance with details of the Residential Lease Agreement with regard to cleaning and damage. Inspections are held on a weekly basis and are conducted by two (2) inspectors. Inspections are general done on Tuesdays. However, they can occur any day of the week.

Why do I have to put down a security deposit?
The security deposit is refundable when you move out at the end of your lease term, in accordance with details outlined in the Residential Lease Agreement. A non-refundable administrative/maintenance fee of $200.00 (two-hundred dollars) will be deducted from the security deposit.

What if I want to get out of my lease?
The Residential Lease Agreement is a binding legal document. The details contained therein are enforceable by law. You will be held legally responsible for not fulfilling the particulars of the Agreement.

What if there is an issue or problem with a leased premises?
If you are in need of any type of repair to the premises, you will need to submit a work order for assistance. BDI has created an online, work order submission form for the ease of requesting repairs. Your first step is to create and submit a “ticket” for the work order here: http://bdihousing.com/workorder/index.php. If you need immediate assistance, you can contact the Property Manager between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at (724) 653-2224. If your need arises after hours, please call (724) 333-6042.

To whom does BDI rent?
BDI has many lessees including some who plan to attend Douglas Education Center. During the application process, the Property Manager will ask for information regarding the need for housing. DEC students are in leased premises separate from that of the general public.

My spouse or significant would like to live with me for the duration of my lease. Is this permissible?
BDI offers apartments for those who plan on bringing a spouse or significant other. Both parties will be included on the Residential Lease Agreement.

May I bring pets?
Pets are not permitted in BDI leased premises in order to meet the compliance standards of the City of Monessen Pet Ordinance that was updated August 10, 2021.

May I personalize my room?
No. As outlined in the Residential Lease Agreement, you are NOT permitted to put any holes in the walls, paint, install wall-to-wall carpeting, or make any other major modifications; however, you are permitted to hang pictures and posters with sticky poster putty but must request prior approval for the use of any other type of adhesive.

What appliances can I bring for my room?
You may bring a mini-fridge, microwave, TV, computer, or other electronic devices. Hot plates are NOT permitted.

Am I permitted to have guests stay in my leased premises?
There is a two (2) day limitation on guests. Please refer to the details outlined in the Residential Lease Agreement in regards to guests.